Global matchmaking

“Even though we are located in Antwerp, we’ll assist you across the globe!”

What makes Steelduxx stand out from the rest? Our network of outstanding agents and partners.

Is a result of a joint venture between GRUPO ETE and STEELDUXX.
This new partnership will allow GRUPO ETE to be positioned in the center of Europe, extending its know-how and responsiveness to the Benelux countries, France and Germany.

The joint assets of GRUPO ETE and STEELDUXX, allow ETE Logistixx to work as a logistics center in Northern Europe and in the Iberian Peninsula and Cape Verde, providing the same type of integrated logistics solutions to its customers in various geographies.

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Remant Globe Logistics and Steelduxx are the joint founders of REKUPP, a niche forwarder for the recyclables industry.

With REKUPP, we ship reusable raw materials all over the world. So we can safely say that REKUPP will soon be incontournable in the recyclables industry.

You can trust our knowledge and international network to ship your circular commodities to international destinations worldwide.
With REKUPP, there’s no need to worry about your recyclables reaching their destination.

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An exceptional and unique joint venture between Steelduxx, SevenLog Ghana, TST Yokohama and Grupo ETE Portugal is bringing Asia, Europe and Africa together.

Nanami Shipping as a pioneer is taking the next step forward and will offer the African solution to the trade.
The union of the four partners brings the right people, assets and extensive know-how to your business by delivering state of the art solutions for your cargoes.

Our main activities are marine chartering, freight forwarding, ship management, marine technical services, agency & maritime services and consultancy.

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